May 6, 2016

Contact: Orrin Carr

Founder, Zanj Radio


Zanj Radio founder, 28-year-old Orrin ‘Zanj Rracc’ Carr, has been admitted to the prestigious Swedish Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), to complete a Masters in Media Management starting this September. Mr. Carr cites his admittance as a longtime dream come true, and plans to use the programme’s focus on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and economic management to grow Zanj Radio’s current weekend format into an innovative 24/7 operation.

KTH is Europe’s largest and oldest technical university. Its alumni roster includes Daniel Ek and Alexander Ljung, founder of the musical platforms Spotify and Soundcloud respectively, as well as founder of presentation software Prezi, Peter Arvai.  Its motto reflects its unique focus on  both “Science and Art”.

“I created Zanj Radio five years ago to be a space where emerging Jamaican artists who were very talented but without access to mainstream media could get exposure, but I soon realized that it could be much more. We now showcase and reach people way beyond Jamaica, and the station empowers the full-time disc jockeys economically by providing small stipends,” Mr. Carr explained. “Empowering all Jamaicans to be agents in their own and other’s empowerment is essential if Jamaica is going to move forward,” he continued.

 Mr. Carr, a human rights project coordinator and English teacher in the Tower Street and St. Catherine adult correctional facilities by day, is no stranger to winning development efforts. In 2014, two-thirds of his 18 students passed the CSEC English exam, with one securing a pass with distinction. Many of these students were unable to read or struggled with reading when they joined his class one year prior. These results helped lead to the Ministry of Education offering to fund part of the examination fees for his next batch of students.

Against this backdrop, he is especially excited about the potential of a fully operational Zanj Radio to be a source of education, using diverse musical content, and a source of employment for Jamaicans regardless of their physical disability, incarceration history, formal education accreditation or any other factor that does not negate an individual’s proven professional competence. One of the station’s most popular disc jockey’s, DJ Cane, is blind.

Since receiving word of his acceptance, the St. George’s College alum has focused his efforts on raising the funds needed to cover the programme’s expenses. He notes that securing loans is not an option for him, as he is still repaying the ones he acquired while gaining a second class honors degree in English language from the University of the West Indies. “Based on my time at UWI, I know that it is important to have your tuition and living expenses taken care of so you can focus on getting the most out of your academic experience,” he said. “I am hoping that through crowdfunding I will be able to raise the US$46,000 I need to pursue my programme.”

KTH’s Media Management programme  is focused on innovating media technology that , like Zanj Radio, solves problems,  and on preparing their students to play leading roles in the international media industry.

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