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Why did Damian Marley name his album Stony Hill?

 |written DJ Afifa

I wanted to know why Damian Marley named his latest album Stony Hill. My first guess was that it was about the place named Stony Hill in Jamaica. The album cover featured Damian Marley sitting on a Victorian looking sofa outside a beautiful wooden door entrance. What was Damian Marley’s connection with the place that appears on the album cover ? Was it his house? Was this where he grew up?

In a BBC 1xtra interview with David Rodigan, Marley explains why he named the album Stony Hill.

Damian Marley’s Stony Hill

He explains that the lyrics of the track “living it up” reveals the idea behind the album and the name of the album.

“My daddy made it out of the ghetto,

believe in your dreams

don’t let go”

Marley explains;

“I am the ghetto dream being that my father was born in the ghetto and he had children who were born and grew uptown… I think that is what every man in the ghetto here wants I think that is the dream of every ghetto man….and that is a big part of why I named the album “Stony Hill”… is to reflect the uptown part of my history still making a connection from Jamrock… Rocktsone; you know that whole play on words and all that kinda a thing and even trying to, I guess you could say, hush a few critics who thought that when I was coming with Jamrock…. why is this uptown kid speaking up so much about street life and ghetto people…When if you check the history and the whole thing…… that is why we name the album Stony hill and that track in particular kinda sums up the title of the album and the idea behind it.”

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