DJ Afifa

DJ Afifa

Where am I? Am I in the middle of your mind? A conversation with yourself. Are you traped in the roar of the lion? Is Zaabo in the roar of the lion?

This is a mix with a powerful start, samples and sound bytes brought together convincingly and effectively.

Rising Spirit of Zaabo

Rising Spirit of Zaabo Mix

The first track signals the birth or emergence of “the new africa”. Africa is tribal and spiritual drums, and percussion to 120bpm make a familiar electronic digital music sound which carries traces of Western presence in the future of Africa. By the second track you begin to think of detroit and techno and the environment that produces a urban sound, maybe the birthplace of the digital 4/4 pattern movement. Has Africa lost it’s soul in the future? The third track seems to signal a trapping of Africa in time, maybe a problematic relationship between the past present and the future. The repetitive whale feels like an impeding danger.

Maybe the new Africa is something we need to challenge? There is a question about where we come from as Africans who are we? How many of us are still here? Because the future is tricky and unpredictable.

Where are the boundaries of the New Africa will they remain the same? Is the new Africa a United States of Africa where race class and colour don’t matter? The voices of the elders want it to be. And there is a trance towards this belief.

There is a turn in the feel of the music and maybe rather than continue in the familiar African sound there is an introduction of a variation sound as if to suggest the possibility of a natural diversity in the new Africa. One we may not yet be prepared for. Because I am still holding the 4/4 pattern to 120 bpm, the realizations doesn’t feel smooth, things doesn’t feel settled. Maybe these questions about Africa emerge from the mind and not the soul or maybe the soul is tortured with the question of Africa and it’s future.

Are genre choice more than that? what is most effective in reinforcing ideas in the mix is the feel of the 120bpm. That seems to be the most consistent and committed effort at conjuring an idea of new. I would want to ask the dj was the just a genre choice or was there a deliberate effort to attach a 120bpm sound to the idea of the future?


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