DJ Trish is this weekend’s guest DJ on ZANJ RADIO.  DJ Trish has been in love with music since her days as a child, with the music from the sound system being her lullaby. Originally from Jamaica, DJ Trish enjoys exploring  numerous genres of music while she DJs. However she has…

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DJ Crooks:This Weekend on Zanj Radio

DJ Crooks

DJ Crooks

LA based Jamaican  DJ, DJ Crooks, is our guest DJ this weekend. Also known as the Maverick, DJ Crooks is a stand out on the local DJ scene in Los Angeles with his heavily flavoured Dancehall and Reggae DJ sets. In addition to being one of LA’s finest Dancehall DJs, DJ Crooks is also a producer who continues to work with the best musical talent in and around California and Jamaica.

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Long Live Dancehall – Episode 5 (Bedroom War) by Dj Crooks on Mixcloud