New Additions to ZANJ RADIO | DJ Raq City & DJ D.O.B

ZANJ RADIO is pleased to announce the addition of  DJ Raq City and DJ D.O.B to our roster.

Raq City is a Jamaican-born-and-bred, NYC & Boston-based DJ and Engineer. A lover of all things bass, she prides herself on her versatile and eclectic style which has been strongly influenced by her Caribbean roots, love of Spanish culture as well as her time spent in London. She designs her sets to suit the occasion and lift the spirits. Join her for Repita Por Favor Saturdays at 12-2pm (-5UTC) here on ZANJ RADIO.

DJ Raq City

DJ D.O.B (Dr of Bass) is from Birmingham, England. He’s  a dj and producer and has been involved with music for over fifteen (15) years.  DJ D.O.B is passionate about bassline & bass house music. According to DJ D.O.B “music is like my air, without it I couldn’t breath. I feel that music is the heart beat of life and if I make one person dance, then I have succeeded in being a DJ. It’s to make others as well as ourselves happy.” Check out DJ D.O.B on –Dr. of Bass- Saturdays 2pm-4pm (-5UTC) here on ZANJ RADIO.



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