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Mosiah : A Red Tape In Future Time

DJ Zanj Rracc recently released a new sound project called Mosiah : A Red Tape In Future Time, in commemoration of Pan-African Black Nationalist, Philosopher, Teacher & Orator, Marcus Garvey and his 133rd birthday on August 17 2020.

According to DJ Zanj Rracc, “It is a haunting hollow of electronic static that briefly redesigns the history of the future. It passes through the insignificance of past realities that have become severe experiences today. “RED TAPE” is a lost voice reverberating with nuisance, a loss of the last feelings of clarity as to what really is; and what really is, has now become just another theory about the world.”

Mosiah : A Red Tape In Future is available at Sounds of Life nu-music label for streaming or download. You can check it out by clicking the cover art below.

Listen or download here.

Get the release note (which includes track list) here.

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