Green Fiya 2018

Every New Year’s Eve ZANJ RADIO hosts Green Fiya – an annual all day DJ Festival at the SO((U))L HQ in Stony Hill Jamaica – that is streamed online at as well as on ZANJ RADIO’s social media platforms. Each year the event has a different featured theme centered around the idea of a listening party. Green Fiya began in 2014 and the 2018 edition featured a variety of DJs hailing from as far as Zimbabwe, Kenya and France, alongside local and regional DJs.

Green Fiya 2018 was a 17 hour event that started from 9am (-5UTC) on New Year’s Eve and finished after 2am (-5UTC) on New Year’s Day. The DJs showcased a wide range of musical styles and genres from Trinidadian

Parang to Zimbabwean Hip-Hop and Jamaican Nu-Music.

Green Fiya Schedule

Green Fiya Schedule

Check out the broadcasts from Green Fiya 2018 :

DJ Velvet live on ZANJ RADIO during Green Fiya

Isabel on ZANJ RADIO during Green Fiya

DJ Cane drops some sweet tunes during Green Fiya on ZANJ RADIO

Green Fiya 2019 will be part of the 10 Year Anniversary of ZANJ RADIO and promises to be a treat! Follow ZANJ RADIO on Instagram , facebook or Twitter . Also, download the ZANJ RADIO app from the iOS App Store, Google Play Store or Blackberry World.


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