Golden Shore Mix Review

by DJ Afifa

DJ Afifa

DJ Afifa

The first song of the mix is the most important. At least I think so. It tells me everything as well as it sets the tone for what is to come; the experience, the adventure. The Golden shore mix asks me to imagine, to go to a place that inspires deep feeling and thought. It is smooth, rhythmic, cool.

If Golden shores is a place it is the place you want to be. It feels like a gateway to other galaxies. The sounds call you to come. A whistle maybe sampled from a old hip hop song you know but can’t remember the name intoxicates you. The funky groove is from a time you remember but long ago.

What does it means to make music in Jamaica? What must we experience? What must we feel? How does our lives get put into a mix. And if it does get put in what in what does it say? Can we go in time to where the mix was made to experience the question of the mixer, the thoughts, shifting. Can we know the dj for a moment in time. Can we know the dj overtime through encounters in music?

Can we go deep enough to allow ourselves to ask questions too. To join the conversation for a moment or moments.

Maybe sometimes we get lost in our own thoughts and leave the dj for a while. Enraptured by a song.

And the mix awakens feminine principles, a kind of peace, a firmness a presence, a searching a knowing a feeling, a penetrating gaze. The flute sound calls within the feminine a yin and a yan alignment.

How could so many songs without words speak so much? Where do thoughts live in sound? What speaks in music?

Golden shores is a manifestation, a revelation. Where things unravel and unfold. Early morning, early evening, a quite time. Time alone.

Drums funky playful percusion sounds to keys. Golden shores takes us inside a world to other worlds. A sweet good-bye leaving the visitor with a message. “A world we can all live in.”

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