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DJ No Breakfast & the Stoned Thursday Mixtapes.

DJ No Breakfast, based in Toulouse France, is no stranger to ZANJ RADIO. He’s released multiple mixtapes for streaming on this station as well as other online radio platforms worldwide.

Throughout this year, he’s managed to release the Stoned Thursday Volumes of mixes, four (4) mixtapes (so far) each with their own style, personality and aesthetic blended with boom bap hip hop sounds.

DJ No Breakfast recently gave DJ Zanj Rracc some more insight into the concepts and eventual creation of the Stoned Thursday Mixtapes. Check out what he had to say in this question & answer session:

DJ Zanj Rracc : Please tell me why are the mixtapes called “Stoned Thursday”?

DJ No Breakfast : Because I used to make a monthly DJ set at the vodka bar down my flat on Thursdays, and I started playing slow / smooth / hip hop. – Trap underground songs. Usually in my city (Toulouse / France) Thursday is the “student day” – a lot of booze and stupid songs to sing along. I decided to offer another proposition : Underground Hip Hop music, very very slow chill and drug oriented lyrics and people were enjoying it / kids enjoyed it and older people too as they were discovering a whole new universe.  The party ended due to financial difficulties so I decided to start these podcast to keep on spreading these new wave of MCs and beatmakers that I enjoyed so much.

DJ Zanj Rracc : What type of music is featured on the mixes and why the choice of music?

DJ No Breakfast : Hip Hop, not the Trap / FM hits, underground Hip hop very influenced by the 90’s Boom Bap Scene initiated by the Wu Tang.

DJ Zanj Rracc : Tell me a little bit about your use of American popular culture (such as the film American Psycho, for Volume 3) and how do they relate to the mixes?

DJ No Breakfast : I always try in my mixtape to use samples from news, media and movies to help me tell my story. I enjoyed reading the Brett Easton Ellis books, and I loved the cinematographic adaptation. There are some scenes where music is omnipresent so I had to use this movies about the other samples, a lot of the time it is “casual” – I find something on the web and instantly grab it (to use it later).

DJ Zanj Rracc :  How did you make the final choice in regards to which music/track will work best for the mixtapes?

DJ No Breakfast : That is a very very long process, no sleep and a lot of Ganja. I listen to the songs when I bike, when I take the subway or at home again and again. Then one track makes me think about another and the mix starts building itself I guess…

DJ Zanj Rracc : How long does it take you to bring a mixtape from the idea to the final product/project?

DJ No Breakfast : 1 week to 3 months.

DJ Zanj Rracc : What stories (if any) does Stoned Thursday Volumes have to offer?

DJ No Breakfast : I wanted to present hip hop as a culture, a very exciting culture that is nowadays evolving without any barriers and without major record labels. It’s do it yourself : sell crack cocaine – buy equipment – rent a house – build a home studio – start a website / Bandcamp page – film a movie clip – sell merchandising. Independent! I love it!
I also feel that Black Communities in the USA are oppressed for too long. They need the attention that they truly deserve for creating such pieces of art such as the music, the fashion, the style…

DJ Zanj Rracc : What’s your favourite of all the volumes released?

DJ No Breakfast : The last one I guess. Can’t really explain why, but the next one might be even cooler !!! ahahah ! Just kidding! It will be released (and broadcast on Zanj Radio) very soon.

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