DJ Afifa Presents: Grace Jones – The Medium & The Message

DJ Afifa unveiled her most recent sound project on ZANJ RADIO. Grace Jones- The Medium & The Message is an artistic depiction of Grace Jones through a combination of eerie dub tracks and audio portraits.

DJ Afifa presents: Grace Jones- The Medium & The Message. by ZANJRADIO on

According to DJ Afifa, “I really like Grace Jones.  Early in my dj life, I had 2 of the more popular Grace Jones songs in my collection;  My Jamaican Guy and Pull up to the bumper.  I didn’t know much about her life but I knew she was also from Spanish Town.  I maintained an interest in understanding her  because she was from Spanish Town. I liked the idea that someone so interesting and complex came from Spanish Town.

The inspiration for this project about Grace Jones came after I watched Bloodlight and Bami; a documentary about her life at the Voice of a Woman Festival in Kingston. Initially I wanted to write something about the whole experience but there were so many different observations and feelings; I knew I would struggle to articulate in writing.

The title of the project summarizes the main idea. “The medium and the message” is a reference to the ancestral practice of knowing through divination. It is also a play on Marshall Macluhan’s argument “the medium is the message”.  Thinking about medium and message is another way to understand the significance of  “Grace Jones” and how we come to know her.”

Track listing

  1. Grace Jones Corporate Cannibal (Ivor Guest Dub)
  2. Grace Jones Love you to Life ( Digital Mystikz Remix)
  3. Grace Jones Crying ( Dub Mix)
  4. Grace Jones Devil Dub (Dub mix)
  5. Grace Jones She’s Lost Control (Dub Mix)
  6. Grace Jones Private life (Dub)
  7. Grace Jones My Jamaican Guy ( Dub )
  8. Grace Jones Pull up to the Bumper (Joey Negro Bumper to Bumper Mix)
  9. Grace Jones William’s Blood (Yam Whos Electric Dub)

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