DJ Steve Stephens & Reggae Music International

Veteran U.K Djay Steve Stephens 68, came back to the music in December 2018, after retiring in 2014.

He was the former manager of German reggae artist Roots Queen, and host of the Karma Reggae Show on Galaxy Gold Radio.

That show was syndicated to One Harmony Radio London and also to the now defunct Reggae Internet station which he co-owned.

Reggae music has been a part of his life since the 1960’s when like millions of British youths at the time, he embraced the reggae music of the Trojan label (and others) and its myriad artists many of whom are still recording all these years later.

His life long main occupation was as a bricklayer in which he was also a trade union activist fighting for rights in the workplace that were often promised, but in reality denied to the workers.

It was this activity that led to him being placed on an industry blacklist that denied him work so in 2009 he retired.

Like most people in the music industry, Steve Stephens has a passion for reggae music that never subsides, it is he feels, an integral part of his spiritual being.

Whenever he is listening to new music he is often guided, by what he describes as “a shiver going up my back and neck,” on a first listen.

He says he is not often far wrong about a hit tune when this is indicated to him.

Listen to DJ Steve Stephens on the Steve Stephens Reggae Show right here on ZANJ RADIO, every Monday at 8 AM – 5 UTC (Jamaica Time).

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